06:20 am - A lovely day starts!

Demi Lovato's music video "Let it Go" wakes me slowly with beautiful shots in nature and her soothing voice.
What a beautiful way to start the day thanks to the new RealMedia HD!

09:30 am - "On the Go - in the subway锛"

In the subway, I like to watch movies to avoid the hubbub of the crowd. A quick look at the weekend events on the Web shows the latest music video of my preferred band. Tomorrow they give a concert in town.
I invite my friends sending the video in a blink thanks to the new RealMedia HD.

11:30 am - "This video is great!"

Our professor's teaching methods are very innovative. He uses the latest tech on the Internet. A new video we spent four weeks to produce on street art has just been uploaded to the school's media library.
It took him short minutes for the upload thanks to the new RealMedia HD!

14:00 pm - "Wow, my holiday video on a huge TV screen!"

After lunch we went to the mall and screened new products. A large screen TV with crystal-clear picture brings back memories of my last vacation.
I send my own vacation video in a quick instant to my parents to view on their new TV screen thanks to the new RealMedia HD.

16:00 pm - "Driving in the slow lane!"

Rush hour - cars all over and no hope of a fast move back to my family. We switch to TV mode, watch the latest episode of a comedy in HD quality and laugh together.
My friend shoots a short scene with her mobile phone us having fun in the car and sends it out to all friends in an instant thanks to the new RealMedia HD.

17:30 pm - "Journey to the West!"

Just watching the latest episode of "Journey to the West!" with my niece. How funny! I remember my own childhood, when I played with my dad scenes of the story. My mom had made a video.
I keep it on my mobile phone and show it to my niece thanks to the new RealMedia HD.

20:00 pm - "Oh, what a lovely dress!"

Just finished dinner with sis! She shows me the latest evening dress she designed in a HD quality video on her iPad.
Every detail is so clear and crisp on the screen thanks to the new RealMedia HD.

22:30 pm - " Let's do it now!"

Just returned to my home and relax watching a new video on trekking through the Andes mountain in South America. I send the movie over to my best friend, who wants to join me on this dream vacation.
"Let's do it now", she writes back within a few seconds, thanks to the new RealMedia HD.

RealMedia庐 HD

Today's consumer demand for higher definition videos is rising fast. Videos consumed on multiple devices are often viewed from 1080p up to 4K. However, large file sizes of these HD videos have become a serious challenge not only for storage reasons but also due to limited network bandwidth for streaming and unique requirements of multiple devices used for consumer video watching.

To address exactly these new requirements RealNetworks has put its decade long expertise into action to develop the next generation technology -- RealMedia HD.

Higher compression efficiency, exceptional image quality, faster encoding time and lower costs

RealMedia HD delivers exceptional image quality for a high-definition experience on mobile devices 鈥 giving viewers high quality video over the Internet on their choice of devices. RealMedia HD technology increases compression efficiency by 30 to 45% vs. H.264 to free up device storage while providing a high-definition image, increasing transmission efficiency and lowering data costs.

Key benefits of RealMedia HD

Chipset manufacturers enjoy

  • Highly scalable technology 鈥 RealMedia HD is easily scaled to leverage accelerated hardware evolvement

  • Forward compatibility 鈥 Integrated once, chipsets can support future upgrades of RealMedia HD

  • Cost savings significant with use of existing hardware

Streaming vendors enjoy

  • Significant bandwidth cost saving

  • Faster encoding time allowing quick-to-market content release for streaming vendors to outperform their rival who offer similar content 聽

  • Effortless integration with players/apps

  • Lower CPU usage and battery consumption versus H.265

  • Devices with RealMedia HD SDK integrated can play RMHD videos via software decoding 鈥 helping solve hardware fragmentation issues streaming vendors facing

OEMs enjoy

  • Backward compatibility 鈥 With RealMedia HD SDK integrated, users could playback huge amount of existing RMVB content on their devices

  • Effortless integration with players/apps

  • Lower CPU usage and battery consumption versus H.265

  • Devices with RealMedia HD SDK integrated can play RMHD videos via software decoding

Users enjoy

  • Shorter cache/download time with reduced data costs versus H.264

  • Higher image quality with lower storage needs versus H.264

  • Lower battery consumption for longer viewing time versus H.265